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Calling all lady bosses!

Marketing your business has totally changed. People want to see YOU. They want to know who is running the business and what they do everyday.

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About Headshots & Moore

I (Tracy Moore) created Headshots & Moore to empower women... especially women entrepreneurs. Owning a business, helping run a business, or working for an awesome company takes work. It's not easy. Marketing is no easy task these days. I want to help. I've put together an incredible team of people to help you get amazing photos, tell your story, and share it with the world.

You are your business. We'll help people see YOU. Don't say you aren't photogenic... I'll prove you wrong, promise.

Our Team

Whitney Griffen

She’s got deep roots in Billings, so photographing locals is one of her passions. Her favorite things are waking up early to rain with a cup of tea, adventuring with her spunky daughter around town and hanging out with her Grandma.

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Tracy loves adventure, helping other women crush their goals and build their businesses, and if she can combine those two passions... her day is made.

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Tracy Moore
Rhea Wolpoe

I'm an east coast transplant from Baltimore, MD, now living and loving Montana! I was born in the Philippines and lived there until the age of 12. I value this, because it reminds me the importance of putting life in a new perspective.

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Personal Branding, Headshots & Web Images

Your brand is you!

Now more than ever it's important to be the face of your brand. People want to do business with people.

Show clients - and potential clients - who you are.


Most importantly, we want you to be YOU. Our personal branding sessions are designed to showcase you and to help you make a great first impression. You won't see us taking a stuffy, contrived headshot.


Our goal is to have fun, while showing each facet of who you are...

A total boss babe!

Why It Matters

How to Book


Our $190 sitting fee includes professional hair and makeup and a 1.5 - 2 hour shoot.

A la carte pricing starts at $200 with collections beginning at $800

Interested? Now what?

Please contact us to start the process. We'll strategize what you need most for your personal branding and set a time to shoot. Approximately two weeks after our photo shoot we'll contact you to schedule an ordering session. That's where we'll check out your photographs and create your order. You'll also receive a photo release for your photos and a timeline of when those prints will arrive at our studio.


let's do this!


Karen Grosz

Tracy is an amazing asset to our community, and not just because of her giving spirit. The way she makes you feel during a photo shoot, and then looking at the pictures, seeing yourself the way she sees you, is incredible. It's empowering and uplifting - everyone deserves that feeling!



Janine Mix

Tracy is an incredibly talented photographer and even better human being. She shoots with so much joy and light and her energy is contagious. You will leave with sore cheeks and amazing photos guaranteed.


Felicia Benton

From the hair and makeup to the photo shoot and even the photo reveal, Tracy made me feel beautiful and we had so much FUN! She fully understands personal branding and what it can do for your business. I consider this a must-have for any business owner.

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